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How to below amember at LOVE VINTAGE?

  • Please sign up at ourwebsite at https://www.lovevintagehk.com/ to become a member.


Why I cannot loginwith FACEBOOK?

  • Click into ourwebsite link from FACEBOOK, click on the 3-dots at upper right corner, select"Open in Safari/Chrome", re-enter the registration information tologin to LOVE VINTAGE website.


How to exchangeunwanted product?

  • Please contact our CS team via WhatsApp at +852 3421 2266 to inquire about themerchant’s exchange policies.


Why does shippingfee applies after using reward credits?

  • “Free Shipping”service shall be calculated according to the net purchase amount (afterdeducting reward credits or discount offers), reward credits are not applicabletowards shipping fee.


Why do insolessqueak when I walk?

  • The squeaky noisemight be from the friction between your skin and the leather insole.  This shall reduce after a few wears when theleather is softened.  We suggest you trywearing a pair of thick cotton socks with your shoes at home, it should reducethe squeaky noise after a few wears.


What if my leathershoes get wet?

  • Place your leathershoes in a cool ventilated place to dry naturally. 
  • Our suggestion: Stuffthe shoes with kitchen paper and blot dries the surface.  Remove and restuff new kitchen paper looselyinto the shoes to absorb moist and wait to dry naturally.  Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and do notdry them with blow dryer.  Since wetleather shoes tend to stretch easily, only wear after the shoes are driedthoroughly.  It is normal if your shoesfeel a little tighter, they will loosen after a few wears.


How to join LOVEVINTAGE fans club?


Can I refund or exchangemy product?


 Do I need to payfor the courier fee for the exchange of unwanted product?

  • Shipping fee of thereturned product(s) shall be shouldered by the buyer, and LOVE VINTAGE will beresponsible for the cost of sending the new product(s) back to buyer.


What to do if theback / edge is rubbing against my heel?

  • Please refer to:shorturl.at/gvDNT


How to use theheel shields and half insoles?

  • Please refer to: shorturl.at/kosAF


What if the frontis a little tight and pinch?

  • Please refer to videolink on how to stretch your shoes: shorturl.at/lnuMN
  • Leather shoes willloosen up after a few wears, and using the above method repeatedly can speed upthe loosening process.


What if the shoesare loose?

  • You may try insertinga half insole to see if your shoe fits better.


What are my shoesslippery?

  • Please be cautiouswhen the anti-skid rubber soles are exposed to water, oil, and tiles as itmight become slippery at times.


Do you shipoverseas?

  • Yes, we ship ordersoverseas.  Shipping fee will be shoulderedby the buyer (once order is successfully placed and paymentcompleted, our CS team will contact you for shipping fee details).


How do I qualifyfor free shipping?

  • Free local shippingon orders with net payment amount over HK$500
  • HK$700 for shipping to Macau,Malaysia, and Singapore.  
  • For otheroverseas area, buyer will shoulder the shipping fee (once order is successfullyplaced and payment completed, our CS team will contact you for shipping feedetails).


Can I placeadditional items after order is placed?

  • Once payment is madefor the purchase order, no additional items can be added.  Please place a new purchase order separately.


Can I come to theoffice for fitting?

  • Sorry, our office isnot open to the public.


Can you notify mewhen goods are back to stock?

  • Sorry, due to limitedresources, we do not send separate notifications.  Please follow our FACEBOOK live on Fridaynight 9pm, we will have updates on new products and replenishment.


When can I receivemy products?

  • Upon ordersuccessfully placed and payment received, products in stock will be sent outwithin 5 working days.  Pre-orderproducts will deliver as per scheduled.